Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Is everyone awesome, or am I just lucky?

Just gotta say, I thought it was a fluke last year when I got Becca Fitzpatrick and Moira Young as tourmates. These women are just too awesome, I thought. They must be the best of the best.

But now I'm just starting to think that all Simon & Schuster YA authors rule. Becca is just as cool as she ever was -- humble and sweet and smart -- and I'm totally fan-girling over Kresley Cole and Tonya Hurley. Kresley is a Southern belle with a killer smile and an even killing-er work ethic (I mean, 19 books???); Tonya has a dry wit and warm demeanor that put me instantly at ease.

Here's me and Becca on our way to last night's launch party for FINALE:

I told you I was gonna wear pearls!

PLUS I got to meet Ally Condie at the Provo library #AngelsNightOut event last night!

There she is, with me and Tonya:

Who is that handsome man amongst us? Oh, just PATCH, aka Drew Doyon, who is as charming and easy to talk to as he is attractive. Yes, his shirt did come off at one point last night. No, I was not the instigator.

Here's one of the whole group. So psyched that we get to do this a few more times!



  1. It really was a great event! It was so much fun to meet all you guys=)